Highlight of The Week: Butterflies

Lesson: Learning Outside the Classroom

Class: Outdoor Learning Year: 2017 - 2018

Okay.  So admittedly this one is a bit of cheat.   Because it all took place inside.  But when you physically are unable to go out because you've got children who aren't well, don't deal with the cold well (because they can't generate their own body heat to a high enough degree) and don't have the proper clothing then it's probably best you don't go out. 

NO MATTER! STILL WE CONTINUE! This is what we got up to in Butterflies class on Tuesday last week and it was a great lesson.  We've started to plant things in the Outdoor Learning area and hopefully we'll see many fruits, veggies, flowers and the like sprouting up all over the place.  But last week they wanted to do some bulb planting for Mothers Day, and....well, have a look for yourselves. 


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