The Sea Life Centre - Autumn 2

Lesson: Topic

Class: Elm Year: 2016 - 2017

As part of our topic this half term - water - Elm and Rowan class visited the Sea Life Centre at the Trafford Centre. 

We have had a lovely day.  We loved looking at the different fish, we saw some sharks, clownfish, jellyfish and lots more.We crawled through lots of tunnels to see the fish from different angles. We pressed the different coloured buttons to change the light colour in the jellyfish tank. We touched some starfish and crabs.

After dinner we enjoyed playing in the big softplay area. We climbed up high and came down the slide and enjoyed playing in the ball pool.

It was a fantastic day and we showed everyone how fabulous Springwood children are.

Well done Elm and Rowan Class!

We hope you enjoy our photo's, apologies for the random mixed up order!

*** We took 1189 pictures whilst on our trip, I have done my best to ensure their are plenty of pictures of everyone but I hope you appreciate what a great number this is to sort through. ***


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